We’re Back!


Coco and I are back (did you miss us?) and a couple of things have changed.

  1. Coco isn’t the little kitten he was last time you saw him. He just recently turned 2 and is weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds.
  2. We don’t live in the dorms anymore. Instead, Coco now wreaks havoc in our house.
  3. We have an addition to the fam. Her name is Cleo and she is a red-tail boa.
BFFS: Coco and Cleo

BFFS: Coco and Cleo

At this point you may be wondering, “Did you ever get caught?”.  Hell yes we did! Do you know how hard it is to hide a kitten in a 4×4 dorm room? It was pretty much destined to happen. The good news is, no one got in trouble. I was asked (not so nicely) to take Coco home. At that point, there was only one month of classes left anyway, so joke was on them.

One year and a scolding from my dorm adviser later, Coco is still the crazy cat he used to be when he was younger. He enjoys playing with Cleo’s tail, jumping all over my furniture and knocking over every single cup of water left out. Life with him is still, and always will be, a Catastrophe.


Close Call


We had another close call this past weekend in 005. I wasn’t around for the almost mishap, but my roommate told me about it the minute I walked into the dorm. This is how it went down:

It was around 2 a.m on Saturday when my two roommates were walking down the hall toward our room.  When they turned the corner they saw our RA and her friend hanging a poster next to our door. As my two roommates got near our room they heard our coco blogRA turn to her friend and ask, “Did I just hear a cat?” When my roommates got to the door, our RA asked one of them, “Is your T.V. on?”, to which my roommate replied cautiously, “Yeah…why?”. “No reason, never mind”, replied our RA.

WHEW! I’m thinking our RA could not believe that we would actually have a cat in the dorm so she just assumed we had the T.V. on. To be honest, we probably did. We try to leave it on when we leave the room to drown out any possible meowing.

It’s been about three months now since I brought Coco into the room and still haven’t been busted. *fingers crossed* My dad and brother placed bets on how long I could keep him hidden for. My dad bet a week (wow where’s the faith?!) and my brother bet a month. Well ha! I proved them both wrong, which is something I really like to do. Let’s hope things go smoothly for the rest of the semester!

Sorry Coco

Sometimes I like to lay like a frog

Sometimes I like to lay like a frog

The time has finally come, Coco is getting his balls chopped April 1st. He turned 5 months on St Pattys Day, such a big boy! At six months kittens can start spraying and sure don’t want that happening. Have you ever tried to clean cat pee off of something? It is literally impossible. My 10-year-old fat stupid cat Patricia (his name is actually Patrick) pissed on half of our furniture back home. The smell was so retched that we had to throw the couch away because every time we sat down you got an awful whiff.

I do feel a little bad about taking Coco’s manhood, truly. But I know that this is something that needs to be done. I’m not quite sure yet how I am going to sneak him back in with a giant cone on his head, though. It should be difficult and hilarious at the same time, but hopefully more hilarious. I know this probably sounds bad, but I’m hoping he’s drugged up enough after his surgery that he won’t fuss when I try to sneak him back in. God, I’m such a great mother. 

Terrible Twos


I think Coco has hit the “terrible twos” or toddler years of being a kitten. He is so naughty! Worse than ever before and I think I am going to lose my mind. He keeps me up all night and is crazy all day.

He has this new trick, or something like that. Every time he wants food, which is all the damn time, he scratches the wall behind his food bowl with his claws. Then he proceeds to flip is bowl over, even if its filled with water! When I flip the bowl back over he sits there and his dumb ass cries for more water. There’s no winning.

All night long he attacks my face, toes and fingers. That or he licks my face, toes and fingers. He basically attacks anything and everything. I seriously wish you could train cats because spraying him with a squirt bottle or popping him on the nose does absolutely nothing. Criss Angel trained his cat, so why can’t I?? Maybe because he’s a mind freak, I don’t know.

Criss Angel and his beloved kitty

Criss Angel and his beloved kitty

What I do know is that I will probably never be able to train Coco. Which does really suck. Hopefully, he grows out of his “terrible twos” stage. But for now he is still just a five month old kitten and I suppose I’ll let him behave that way.

Chill Spots


This week has been extremely hectic for me. I started out my week right by passing a kidney stone early Monday morning (sarcasm). You don’t know pain until you have a kidney stone and this was my second one. It is basically hell on earth or the equivalency to child birth. On top of this I picked up extra shifts at work because you know the whole “I’m a broke college student poor me” ordeal. I also have two big group projects going on right now and a Mt. Everest pile of homework.

Because of all of this I have decided to keep the blog short and simple this week! Nothing crazy has happened involving Coco, which I guess is actually a good thing. Although I did hang a shirt in my bathroom, turned the shower up all the way to steam it and forgot about it. The shower was on high for probably 25 minutes and when I opened the door steam just came pouring out. Three minutes later the fire alarm went off in just our room! Abby, our RHD, turned it off from the front desk though so no one came into our room, fortunately for Coco, myself and the people drinking beer. So to continue, here are a few pictures of Cocolicous in a few of  his favorite spots to chill – ENJOY 🙂

coco on futon

coco in sink

coco on headrestcoco on bed

My Cat Ate My Homework…And Everything Else


Coco and I went home this weekend due to an orthodontist appointment I had to attend (because I’m 10 still). Let me tell ya, Coco was loving all of the space. He was running and jumping around like a crazy cat.

This is actually a picture from my dorm. when Coco is "feeling some type of way" he arches his back, tucks his tail, and runs to the side. It is really amusing/creepy!

This is actually a picture from my dorm. When Coco is “feeling some type of way” he arches his back, tucks his tail, and runs to the side. It is really hilarious/creepy!

Granted my dad’s apartment is not that big, but it is definitely bigger than my dorm room. He also really enjoyed being able to sit in the window and stalk. Cats love to perch and my dad lives on the second floor so he was having the time of his life. When it came time to leave, Coco went under my bed and refused to come out.

I can tell that he is a little pissed off to be back at school with me. The damn cat keeps eating all of my homework! So Betsy if you’re reading this and my AP homework assignments are always tore up…now you know why.

Note the corners of my HW assignments

Note the corners of my HW assignments

Oh, but he doesn’t just stop there. He has been eating the corners of my my books, too. As if to say, “I hate you for bringing me to school so now I am going to ruin all of your school work!”. You may think that it is cruel of me to keep him couped up in my dorm instead of leaving him at home, but let me tell you something. He loves his momma and I am not even bragging. Coco follows me everywhere I go, even into the bathroom (he’s a weird one). I understand that keeping him at home might be more ideal, but I know that he would miss me like crazy. After all, I am his mom! The one who feeds him, cleans up his shit and all together takes care of him. So for now, Coco isn’t going anywhere. Actually, Coco is never going anywhere.

One of Coco's favorite spots to sleep in the dorm room.

One of Coco’s favorite spots to sleep in the dorm room.

Fire What?! Oh shit.


Fire drills are now my own worst enemy ever since I brought Coco to live in my dorm. They are random, unexpected and threaten my chances of not getting busted.

Today, I came back from lunch with my roommate and my heart immediately dropped into my stomach the second I realized a fire alarm was going off in my hall. You see, sometimes staff members go inside every single room on a floor to make sure everyone is cleared out. Other times they simply walk up and down the hall. It’s a crapshoot really.

As I stood in the lobby anxiously biting my fingernails, it dawned upon me that both of my RA’s were gone from the building. Shit. That’s when I heard my RHA, Resident Hall Adviser, say she was going down to the terrace to make sure that everyone had cleared out of their rooms. My roommate and I gave each other the “we’re totally screwed” look and I bit my fingernails even shorter.

After what seemed like forever, she returned to the lobby and the alarm was shut off. I was totally expecting to get a look from her or a “we need to talk” sort of thing, but nothing. Now, I’m not a runner but I swear to you I have never ran as fast as I did down to my room.  You can always tell when they go into your room after a fire drill because all of the lights are turned off and the blinds are closed. I opened my door to find exactly that. Along with a forgotten beer can and one of Coco’s toys laying on the floor in the common room. Stupid Rachel.

In a moment of panic my roommate and I completely emptied our fridge of the beer. We hid all the the cans and coco’s toy, too. We were so sure that our RHA had came into the room and was going to come back soon with a punishment.

Lucky for us that never happened, or else I would probably be crying right now and not writing this blog. All is well here, and of course Cocolicious is still too cute for his own good.