Sorry Coco

Sometimes I like to lay like a frog

Sometimes I like to lay like a frog

The time has finally come, Coco is getting his balls chopped April 1st. He turned 5 months on St Pattys Day, such a big boy! At six months kittens can start spraying and sure don’t want that happening. Have you ever tried to clean cat pee off of something? It is literally impossible. My 10-year-old fat stupid cat Patricia (his name is actually Patrick) pissed on half of our furniture back home. The smell was so retched that we had to throw the couch away because every time we sat down you got an awful whiff.

I do feel a little bad about taking Coco’s manhood, truly. But I know that this is something that needs to be done. I’m not quite sure yet how I am going to sneak him back in with a giant cone on his head, though. It should be difficult and hilarious at the same time, but hopefully more hilarious. I know this probably sounds bad, but I’m hoping he’s drugged up enough after his surgery that he won’t fuss when I try to sneak him back in. God, I’m such a great mother. 


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